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The Rothschild House

Rose Garden Varieties
The following varieties of roses (with their date of introduction into European gardens in parentheses) are in the Rothschild House Rose Garden:
Blanc Double de Coubert (1892), Gloire de Dijon (1853), Zephirine Drouhin (1868), Henri Martin (1863), Hortulanis Budde (1919), Madame Isaac Pereire (1880), Petite de Hollande, Chestnut Rose (1825), Candeur Lyonnaise (1914), Celine Forrester (1842), Baron Girod De'Lain (1897), Hansa (1905), Perle de Jardins (1874), Paul Neyron (1869), Comtesse de Murinais (1843), harison's Yellow (1830), Eglantine, Musk Rose, Alain Blanchard (1839), Madame hardy (1832), American Beauty (1886), Marechal Neil (1864), White Rose of York (<1597), Rosa Gallica (1300), Prince Camille de Rohan (1861), Austrian Copper (<1300), Duchesse de Brabant (1857), Reine des Violettes (1860), Baronne Prevost (1842), Empress Josephine (1813), Maiden's Blush (1797), Buff Beauty (1939), Green Rose, Baroness Rothschild (1868), Damascene Bifera (1600), Souvenir de la Malmaison (1843), Camaieux (1830), Rose Rouletti (1933), Charles de Mills, Catherine Mermet (1869), La France (1867), Crested Moss (1826), Common Moss Rose (1696), Salet Moss (1854), Alfred de Dalmas (1855).
View from the Rothschild House Garden
View of downtown Port Townsend and Port Townsend Bay from the Rothschild House garden.
The Rothschild House Kitchen Garden.

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